Making Deep Art Effects Faster

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Introducing StartDAE – it makes Deep Art Effects CPU a lot faster

Amazingly you can make the CPU version of Deep Art Effects anything from 1.5x to 4x faster.

On Windows 10 DAE can be made to work at 176% normal speed on average

On Apple Mac / Linux DAE can be made to work at 263% normal speed on average

This works on newer computers with the current version of StartDAE. If your machine is over about 5 years old this wont work – we intend to solve this problem in the future.

Speed Comparison

StartDAE does exactly what it sounds like. It merely launches Deep Art Effects then quits. The clever bit is how it launches Deep Art Effects. StartDAE uses a method to boost the speed of Deep Art Effects using advances in modern CPUs to leverage the somewhat pedestrian speed of the version you download from the Deep Art Effects website and boost the render speed dramatically.

StartDAE only launches Deep Art Effects, it doesn’t go anywhere near the original program. If you try StartDAE and it doesn’t work (CPU not new enough), no problem – just start Deep Art Effects normally, we haven’t altered it in any way.

If, as is almost certain on newer computers, StartDAE works then you have to use StartDAE to get the speed increase. Try it out Load Deep Art Effects with a big image and time it then so the same thing using StartDAE – the result will be much quicker.

StartDAE is released as DonationWare. You don’t have to pay for it (technically StartDAE is not free, some people just decide to pay zero). The effect of not making a donation is merely to make us loose interest – if nobody donates then obviously nobody wants us to create updates and upgrades.




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