BulkDAE – Windows

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BulkDAE - Windows

Alpha Installation Instructions

It it temporarily required to manually extract DeepArtEffects.exe. This file is well hidden away but easy to get at if you know how.

DAE is installed in,,,


is your Windows login name so on your PC the file you're looking for would be in...


Or something like that. Just enter that location into Windows Explorer (AppData exists but is hidden)

Now you're in that directory you'll see DeepArtEffects.exe. This is actually a self extracting Zip file. Using an archival program like WinRar right click on DeepArtEffects.exe and select 'Extract to DeepArtEffects'.

DAE will now extract into a directory called DeepArtEffects enabling BulkDAE to find it.

Finally, the easy bit - Download + install BulkDAE

Click in the Preview (Gray) area to get to the instructions

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