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StartDAE Windows


A crummy logo
A crummy logo

StartDAE boosts the speed of Deep Art Effects making it almost twice as fast as the normal version supplied by Deep Art Effects GMBh.

This is achieved by transparently overriding a core system Deep Art Effects uses for applying a new style to an image.

Note that at the moment this project is an Alpha release so it shows an icon in the launch bar that is useless (we're trying to remove it)

System Requirements

StartDAE has a very specific set of CPUs it'll work on. Specifically it requires the Haswell or newer architecture or a similar AMD equivalent.

Fortunately this includes most if not all PCs and Laptops made in the last five years or so.

If your computer isn't capable of running StartDAE then, at the moment, the most likely result will be that Deep Art Effects crashes when started with StartDAE - don't worry, just run Deep Art Effects the normal way and everything will be fine (if somewhat slower)

What to do if your PC isn't supported

If you've an old CPU then you're stuck with normal Deep Art Effects at the moment but if you send an email to and state the exact spec of your PC we'll see if we can make things better for you as well.

To work out exactly what you need to get your copy of Deep Art Effects running faster please download a free copy of CPU-Z, install it, run it and then click on Tools -> Export report as TXT. Attach that file to your email - it'll have all the information we need to create you a customised version of StartDAE. It won't be as fast as the version here but should be faster than normal Deep Art Effects.

Speed comparisons

We tested three versions of the same image at 4k, 1080p and 720p resolutions using chunk sized of 2048, 1024 and 512 using both normal Deep Art Effects and StartDAE. Each image size / chunks was timed very accurately using both methods of starting Deep Art Effects. Each variant was timed for ten renders to get an average speed.




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