Bulk Background Removal

It is often useful to have the ability to remove the background from an image. The usual impetus is the desire to change the background in some creative manner or another. Deep Art Effects allows background removal using the standard GUI but what if you want to remove the backgrounds of many, possibly thousands, of images? Yes, you can do it with the GUI, but it's a click-athon that will wear both your finger and your patience. Applying a little DAE CLI magic to the process via a script makes all this a painless process (although it may take quite some time if you are doing this for a seriously large collection of images). Read the rest

Automating AI Art Creation

Programming for Potatoes

Programming for Potatoes

Who needs a brain the size of a planet when you’ve got a Potato-Brain ?


AI ArtWhile Deep Art Effects is a superb tool for manipulating and creating interesting images it is frustrating that so many mouse … Read the rest