How to Install Python Support in Delphi

Our New Tutorial Explains How to Install the P4D Suite Read our tutorial for detailed installation instructions Python4Delphi provides a bridge between Python and Delphi. The recent addition of PythonEnvironments and Lightweight Python Wrappers allow for the simple packaging of new Delphi Components that expose any Python Package to native Pascal code. There’s a collection … Read more

Bulk Background Removal

It is often useful to have the ability to remove the background from an image. The usual impetus is the desire to change the background in some creative manner or another. Deep Art Effects allows background removal using the standard GUI but what if you want to remove the backgrounds of many, possibly thousands, of images? Yes, you can do it with the GUI, but it’s a click-athon that will wear both your finger and your patience. Applying a little DAE CLI magic to the process via a script makes all this a painless process (although it may take quite some time if you are doing this for a seriously large collection of images).

Automating AI Art Creation

Programming for Potatoes Who needs a brain the size of a planet when you’ve got a Potato-Brain ? Introduction While Deep Art Effects is a superb tool for manipulating and creating interesting images it is frustrating that so many mouse clicks are required to get things done. At the behest of the community Deep Art … Read more

Merging Mixamo models using Godot Game Tools

Creating multi-animation models for CGE Despite being called the Godot Game Tools this Blender add-on is of use to just about any game developer. This tutorial aims to document how to combine multiple Mixamo models using Godot Game Tools. The procedures outlined in the tutorial are equally applicable to any game engine so if you’re … Read more

More Linux Installation Instructions

There are many, many variants of Linux so we’re rounding off the most common Debian based with three new additions. Debian 10 is due for release on 6th July 2019. As many popular versions of Linux are based on Debian this will affect Ubuntu, MX Linux and Linux Mint as they are all in some way … Read more

More fun with the Command Line

Moving on from our first exploration with the Command Line Interface we adapted out let’s see what 68 styles looks like approach to playing with scripting an went for a far more Deus ex machina approach for our next investigation. Check it out in Genetic Styles