How to Install Python Support in Delphi

Our New Tutorial Explains How to Install the P4D Suite

Read our tutorial for detailed installation instructions

Python4Delphi provides a bridge between Python and Delphi. The recent addition of PythonEnvironments and Lightweight Python Wrappers allow for the simple packaging of new Delphi Components that expose any Python Package to native Pascal code. There’s a collection of 20+ necessary Python packages such as PyTorch, NumPy and SciPy included in the P4D – Data Sciences and Python Packages for Delphi component collections.

Coming soon…

A tool to allow you to create your P4D Components simply by filling in a form

A proper how-to get started with the P4D Suite tutorial

And much more…


Merging Mixamo models using Godot Game Tools

Creating multi-animation models for CGE

Despite being called the Godot Game Tools this Blender add-on is of use to just about any game developer.

This tutorial aims to document how to combine multiple Mixamo models using Godot Game Tools.

The procedures outlined in the tutorial are equally applicable to any game engine so if you’re a Godot, Unity, Unreal or something else developer then read on, the only requirement is that your own chosen game engine be able to handle the GLB / GLTF file format.

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More Linux Installation Instructions

There are many, many variants of Linux so we’re rounding off the most common Debian based with three new additions.

Debian 10 is due for release on 6th July 2019. As many popular versions of Linux are based on Debian this will affect Ubuntu, MX Linux and Linux Mint as they are all in some way dependant on Debian.

We’ve added…

Debian 9 – tested on 9.8, 9.9 and 9.0 (the last one just to make sure…)

MX Linux 18 – tested on 18.1, 18.2 and 18.3

Linux Mint 19 – tested on 19.1 with MATE desktop

Red Hat based distros coming soon… Centos and Fedora both work – eventually…